Why Adopt a Pet Dog

Why Adopt A Pet?

There’s no doubt about it, we are nation of pet owners. On recent counts there are some 33 million birds, cats, dogs, fish and other pets calling our homes, home. While I like to stay positive, there is a serious and very sad side to this story, with thousands of pets being abandoned to pet shelters every year. You may have also seen some disturbing videos lately that highlight the plight of animals bred in pet or puppy factories.

But it’s not all bad news. Over the last decade or so, several organisations have been dedicating significant resources to rehabilitating pets, educating people about responsible pet ownership, and raising awareness about these terrible practices.

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Why Should You Care?

Why Should You CareOn the surface of the pool water (if that’s as far down as you’re looking) the fact that I retired from swimming at twenty-three makes me a rather strange advocate for superannuation. Though you might think it’s a dry (tumbleweed-passing) conversation topic, and not something you’d bring up at a dinner party, I am a passionate advocate for improving people’s end of career outcomes – especially those of women. I want women to care about their retirement savings, so that they don’t face a lower standard of living in what should be some of the most enjoyable years of their lives.

We have a big problem in Australia. There is a significant gender gap when it comes to retirement savings, with women’s average super balances being 43 per cent lower than men’s. We are disadvantaged for two key reasons:

  • Women continue to earn less than men (17.1% less on average!)
  • Women’s patterns of work and care are different to men’s and this can be problematic from a financial point of view

Specifically (and statistically), we’re more likely to choose passion over pay when it comes to work, take career breaks and flexible part-time roles so we have time to chase little’uns around, and do a million loads of laundry.

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