Indoor activites

Indoor Activities for Infants

Traveling with energetic little people can be a test of character and creativity. I recently took a rare break with Sam and Zander to unplug and get some quality (no tech interruptions) time together. To our dismay, it proceeded to rain every day until the last two days of the trip – when the sun finally broke through, like an epic parting of the heavens. On the bright but rainy side, it meant we did get the close ‘together’ time we had needed so much, after a very busy beginning to the year.

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Exercise for the time poor

Exercise Ideas for the Time Poor

I may have been an elite athlete in a previous life, but I am the last person to recommend some kind of gruelling, militant-style training regime. Those days are well and truly behind me, belonging squarely to a time when, let’s face it, there were fewer demands on my time and attention. As life got busier, I’ve had to make a more conscious effort to squeeze snippets of physical activity into my day, or switching something up, turning it into an opportunity for exercise.

Whether it’s a short 2-minute squat session while you brush your teeth, or 15 minutes of bouncing bubs while he giggles his little heart out, it’s all good! All physical activity counts for long-term health and happiness. So don’t stress if you’re not going out and hitting the pavement for a two hours every day. Or if you haven’t yet mastered the art of pulling a jumbo jet up a mountain with a rope. The reality is, you probably have much better things to do with your precious time.

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