Healthy Habits for Great Skin

There’s something about growing up in the subtropical Queensland climate, next to some of Australia’s most golden beaches. It’s certainly hot and humid, but the sea air permeates the stickiness, while the sunshine purifies. Even though we had to lather on the Sun Protection Factor, my skin always had this effortless lustrous clarity to it. I never even had to think about it.

When I moved to Melbourne in 2002, cold weather, intense training, chlorine and the general stresses of living in a big city all made it difficult to keep that beach glow going. What had been a natural part of my lifestyle became something I actually had to think about and make a conscious effort to maintain. Heaven forbid, I know. Ignorance was bliss.

Upon reflection there were certain elements of my lifestyle that worked for me and the more I talk to other glowing faces about it, the more I am convinced of this recipe for perfect skin.

Regular exercise: hard to avoid when you’re training for the Olympics, but a little more difficult as a new mum. A bit of movement everyday, but more serious exercise three times a week is the threshold for me, helping me detoxify, manage stress and sleep well.Healthy Skin by Giaan

Gentle, Gentle: with super sensitive skin, I was never one for harsh soaps or scrubbing, though by virtue of my training I washed my face religiously. Twice a day is a good routine. I use a mild hydrating wash, rather than more drying options. If you like the idea of soap, soaps made from a combination of oils (like olive or coconut), rich with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, are a good way to go.

Consistency and caution: washing regularly with the same safe products. It’s not often talked about, but we don’t really know what happens when you mix products together. Everyone reacts differently to washes and creams, so testing new options out carefully is much more important than we might think.

I never used to do this, which seems reckless in hindsight, but I’m so much more cautious than I used to be. Rather than applying a weird and evolving blend of potentially conflicting chemicals to your face, be aware of what they contain and how they might react.

If ever in doubt, you might like to look up a natural homemade recipe. It might seem like a less effective approach but when you’re using something gentle every single day, well, it just needs to be safe and effective over time. No silver skin bullets here.

Happy inside, glowing outside: Balance both inside and out is what health and happiness is all about ‘The Secret to a Health and Happiness’. Someone who is fundamentally happy, kind, warm and open to life is going to glow whether they exfoliate twice a week or once!

Guaranteed, if you eat well, exercise regularly, stay hydrated, sleep enough, respect your body and skin and, most importantly, smile and laugh heartily at least once a day, you’re bound to find balance both inside and out. I truly believe laughter is a cure-all, at the least you’ll feel really good about the person staring back at you in the mirror.