Indoor Activities for Infants

Traveling with energetic little people can be a test of character and creativity. I recently took a rare break with Sam and Zander to unplug and get some quality (no tech interruptions) time together. To our dismay, it proceeded to rain every day until the last two days of the trip – when the sun finally broke through, like an epic parting of the heavens. On the bright but rainy side, it meant we did get the close ‘together’ time we had needed so much, after a very busy beginning to the year.

Indoor activites

Here I am, celebrating the imminent parting of the clouds with some afternoon fitness, in Giaan by Spalding, of course.


While we didn’t get a luxurious tan, we did get to spend some quality time with Zander, watching him explore a small new world of home wares and learning through imitation and repetition.

Stranded in a rental with a very energetic one-year-old who didn’t understand why we weren’t rolling in sand, required us to get pretty creative with our adventures. Digging into the deep recesses of my memory, I pulled out all the stops – from “Round and round the garden, like a teddy bear” to “If you’re happy and you know it,” and everything in between.

When we tired of that (never!), ‘This Little Piggy,’ ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ ‘Ring a Rosie’ and the naming game (yep, it’s what you think it is) all had a turn.

Being an active little man always instinctively looking for opportunities to build muscle, balance and conquer things, we also had to look outside the box for ideas, while obviously staying firmly within it physically.

After hiding every remote, phone and mobile electronic device out of sight (several times), we thought we might need to go on the offensive with some guerilla style distraction tactics. We safely emptied out a cupboard, and played the ‘tidy toys up, pull toys out to play’ game.

Zander has just stepped out, literally, for the first time, so we worked on expanding his range and went on little adventures to discover plastic kitchen utensils and the linen cupboard, and went to rescue ‘lost’ toys under the bed.

Another good game to play in tight spaces is the paper ripping game, where bub goes savage on an old newspaper and you make these pieces into chains, animals, hats and so on. It’s a bit messy but fun.

And just when we couldn’t peek-a-boo any more, the sun came out… and everyone lived happily ever after.