Giaan Rooney’s natural beauty, radiant positivity and engaging personality complement her dedication and enormous energy for work. An accomplished sports and television personality heavily involved in community initiatives, Giaan is also a capable businesswoman, recently launching her own range of performance wear, Giaan by Spalding, exclusive to Target.

Achieving success at every level of international swimming competition, her swimming career is crowned by three Olympic Medals, three World Championship wins, two gold and one silver Commonwealth Games Medals and eight FINA World Championship medals. Away from the pool, Giaan is married to Sam Levett, and is now mother to adorable Zander.

A successful television career with Channel 7, and previously with Channel 9, Giaan has been involved in a range of programs. Co-anchor of Wide World of Sports, she also presented stories on Getaway, Postcards, the 2010 Winter Olympics, 2012 London Olympics and Nine’s Spring Racing coverage.

In addition to being an ambassador for CareSuper and LifeSpace Probiotics, Giaan also supports the Lort Smith Animal Hospital and the Nelune Foundation.

Giaan Rooney is an accomplished speaker, Master of Ceremonies (MC), event host, sports commentator, television personality and advocate. If you would like to speak with Giaan about hosting your next event, a media opportunity, or you would like to discuss a brand partnership, please feel free to get in touch.

Giaan Rooney is in Queensland and a regular visitor to Victoria and New South Wales.


Being just twenty-one years old when I won gold at Athens, I feel like I got a lifetime of vigorous, monotonous exercise out of the way before I even reached adulthood. Trading-in the daily pain and exhaustion, what’s left is my determination, and a (minor) residual phobia of early morning starts.

Completely ironic I know, especially given my more recent gig as weather reporter extraordinaire, and now as a very working mum... something you might recognise (by looking in the mirror).

I try not to look too closely though. Even this ‘golden child’ of Australian sport has a few laughter lines of her own! It’s a dead giveaway you’re having a happy life, full of joy.

If you ask me what’s more important, success at all costs, or finding balance and learning to flow through a beautifully unpredictable life? Well, yeah, there’s simply no competition. Give this sea turtle the slower, steady lane any day of the week.

Like learning any art, with swimming there came a point when I had to choose whether I was going to invest everything into reaching perfection, becoming the absolute best at one thing. Or rather, whether I wanted to get on with living a balanced healthy life!

I believe that health is something that happens naturally when you’re living the happiest life you can by putting time and energy into the many people, causes and ideas you care most about.

Reaching the peak of my profession at such a young age allowed me to let go - to realise that success can come at a high price and that, actually, love and happiness are the highest forms of accomplishment.

And by that measure I am rich. I have my boys. I have Sam. I have little Zander. I have three-legged Lester. I have my many happy projects

This blog should really be called My Humble Life

I am a proud ambassador of the Lort Smith Animal Hospital, CareSuper, The Nelune Foundation and Spalding Women.

I’ve also just launched an affordable performance wear range for Australian women, Giaan by Spalding: Spalding’s first ever range of active wear for women, exclusive to Target.