Why Adopt A Pet?

There’s no doubt about it, we are nation of pet owners. On recent counts there are some 33 million birds, cats, dogs, fish and other pets calling our homes, home. While I like to stay positive, there is a serious and very sad side to this story, with thousands of pets being abandoned to pet shelters every year. You may have also seen some disturbing videos lately that highlight the plight of animals bred in pet or puppy factories.

But it’s not all bad news. Over the last decade or so, several organisations have been dedicating significant resources to rehabilitating pets, educating people about responsible pet ownership, and raising awareness about these terrible practices.

Why adopt a pet

I am healthier, happier and calmer for having him in my life.

As a consequence of their efforts we’ve become more responsible pet owners, with abandonment rates declining significantly – pointing to the success of these organisations in helping us better look after our fabulous furry, fluffy and feathered mates.

Animals are big part of my life – and being a pet owner defines who I am as a person. I decided to adopt Lester (the handsome looking fellow in the photo below) in 2006, when his owners relinquished him after an unfortunate accident, which claimed one of his legs.

It’s been 9 years since this furry, 3-legged wonder dog bounced into my life and completely changed it.

I feel honoured to have him by my side. He encourages me to exercise, relieves stress and gives unconditional love. Like a real trooper, he takes life by the lead and gets amongst it.

If you needed any more inspiration to adopt a pet, meet Rademenes, a ‘cat nurse’ rescued by a Polish animal shelter. Since lifesaving treatment, this remarkable survivor has taken it upon himself to nurse other abandoned sick animals back to health.
Why adopt a pet cat

If you think you would like to bring a rescued animal into your life, there are some fantastic and reliable organisations to help you do just that. The RSPCA and the charity I support, Lort Smith, have wonderful pet adoption programs.

You can meet all your furry friends-to-be on their website, here.

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